5 Free Digital Scrapbooking Kits for Everyday

It's easy to find scrapbook ideas for holidays or other occasions, but what about those weeks you don't have anything planned? Sometimes these can be the best designs, because you can find wonderful stories hiding in everyday situations. Here's a list of free digital scrapbooking kits to help you decorate for weeks where you might not have ideas right away. Scrapvine Everyday Story Starters This lovely digital scrapbooking kits comes with tons of scrapbook printables that can help you tell a new story each day. This kit includes over 100 pieces to help you tell a new story in each scrapbook design you make. Raspberry Road Art With Heart Raspberry Road's Art With Heart mini-kit colorful free kit to let you express your artistic vision. This kit comes with 45 pieces to brighten any week. Cutie Pie Scrap Royal Scrap Kit A sweet kit for those weeks when you just want to be queen for a day. Rich colors and fun elements round out this mini-kit. Granny Enchanted Newsy Vintag